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 The Anti-Homosexuality Bill

Very little on the bill is archived here. For all the articles on that subject go to my blog at Click through this link to get to the page where all the posts are archived.

 The Faith Factor and the Signing of Jackie Robinson

April 15, marks the day in 1947 when Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier in major league baseball. The executive who signed the talented athlete was Branch Rickey, President of the Brooklyn Dodgers. Today, CNN reports that Branch Rickey’s faith was a strong motivation for his decision to sign Robinson. Read about it here...

I Do Exist - FAQs

I Do Exist - FAQs (Frequently asked questions)

 What makes someone gay and can people change orientation?

Defending the Anti-Homosexuality Bill, Hon. David Bahati told the BBC, "It's [homosexuality] not an inborn orientation, it's a behaviour learnt - and it can be unlearnt." Is this true? Click here to learn more about the Anti-Homosexuality Bill.

Eliminating Homosexuality: Nazi Germany and Modern Uganda

Scott Lively has made a career of drawing parallels from Nazi Germany to modern homosexuality. He has gone around the world with the message that homosexuals were responsible for Nazi totalitarianism. Throughout the next month or so, I will provide counter arguments to Lively’s thesis.

In this article, however, I raise the thesis that anti-gay groups in places like Uganda (encouraged by the American led conference in March, 2009 where Lively was one of the speakers) use rhetoric that is disturbingly akin to rhetoric used by Nazis regarding homosexuality.

Fathers, sons and homosexuality

Is homosexuality derived from father wounds in the first 3 years of life? This article evaluates that claim from the perspective of a common experience.

Does Homosexuality Stem From a Failure to Bond with the Same-Sex Parent?

The scientific research regarding homosexuality allows no confidence in one particular family constellation as creating homosexuals. Read a critique of this popular theory.

I-35 revival and the story of James Stabile

Sometimes stories come along that leave me speechless for awhile and then with so many things to say, I can't get the words all out at once. There are so many directions I could go with this story. There is the no-wonder-people-outside-the-church-think-Christians-are-looney angle and there is the sexuality angle. But, for now, I think it best to just get it on here and see what develops.

Why do I have these feelings?

Due to my websites about sexual identity issues, I receive many inquiries from people asking why people are gay. Recently, a note from a mom writing about her son caught my eye. She wrote: He saw a Christian counselor for 2 months in the summer after his Freshman year in college, where they explored the reasons why he felt he was gay, he (my son) came to the conclusion that "I have a great relationship with my Dad, and I don't fit into any other the other categories of being gay [e.g., sexually abused], so God must have made me this way."

Are gays more suicidal than straights?

Research review: There were significant differences between straight and gay men, after controlling for psychiatric status on death ideation, death wishes, suicidal contemplation and deliberate self-harm. Controlling for psychiatric status left only one statistical difference between straight women and lesbians: suicide contemplation.

Does Abortion Impact the Mental Health of Women?

A new study from New Zealand, published in the Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry, raises important questions about the impact of abortion on the mental health of women. Researchers found that those reporting abortion prior to age 21 had rates of mental disorders from age 21 to 25 that were over 1.5 times higher than the rates for women who did not become pregnant and those who became pregnant and did not seek an abortion. The relationship between abortion and mental health problems persisted even when the researchers took into account the mental health status of the women prior to the abortion. The researchers concluded that “abortion in young women may be associated with increased risks of mental health problems.”

Uninformed Consent: Abortion and Mental Health Consequences

Recent research from Norway and New Zealand has reported an association between abortion and subsequent mental health problems. Although the two reports are not the first to suggest such a relationship, they are well-designed studies suggesting that abortion may be linked to negative mental health reactions for some women.

I Am Not a Reparative Therapist

Many people ask me if I do reparative therapy or if I believe it works, or some variation on that theme. This is a natural question given that I have defended the right of people to seek sexual re-orientation change and take an accepting stance toward those who give an account of such change, by whatever means. Thus, it is often assumed that in my clinical work, I practice reparative therapy. This is a false assumption. I am not a reparative therapist nor do I recommend that people seek someone trained in reparative therapy as an exclusive approach to homosexual attractions. As this will be confusing to some, I will explain.

Sexual Orientation: When conflict rules the school

For over a decade, parents have warred with gay advocacy groups who want to infuse school curriculum with messages about homosexuality. Groups like the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) say that society must address the abuse and ridicule that gay and lesbian kids face in school in order to create a safe environment for learning. However, many parents believe instruction that teaches respect for gay-identified youth is actually a Trojan Horse that advocacy groups like GLSEN use to indoctrinate kids with favorable messages about homosexuality.

Sexual identity therapy: Practice guidelines for managing sexual identity conflicts

Sexual and religious identity conflicts are among the most difficult faced by individuals in our society and raise important clinical, ethical and conceptual problems for mental health professionals. We present guidelines for practice with clients who experience these conflicts and desire therapeutic support for resolution. Authored by Warren Throckmorton, PhD & Mark Yarhouse, PsyD

Want to discuss anything here? Head over to the blog...

There are many posts over on the blog that need your comments. Go on over and have your say or ask questions about material on this site.

A Valued Life

I have a friend named Jim, who many people would think of as gay, or at least bisexual. However, he doesn’t see himself that way. He is married but has been attracted to men for as long as he can remember. His wife is the only girl he has ever been with and he says, “She is still the only woman that turns me on.”

The Homosexual Footprint? A Response to Paul Cameron

These blog entries were written in response to news releases posted by Paul Cameron asserting that the life span of homosexuals is some 20 years less than straights. This includes an analysis from Morten Frisch, Danish epidemiologist.

Do parents influence the sexual preference of children?

This research report re-evaluates a study concerning the impact of gay parenting on the sexual preference of children.

Abortion and American Psychology

The Supreme Court’s recent decision banning partial-birth abortion renewed public interest in abortion politics and policy. Despite the infrequency of late-term abortions, the ban is significant because it strikes at one rationale for the general availability of abortion – potential negative mental health consequences for women of carrying a child to term. Thus, both pro-choice and pro-life camps are gearing up for more debate over the mental health consequences of abortion. The APA recently convened a task force called the Task Force on Mental Health and Abortion. According to APA spokesperson, Rhea Farberman, the committee will conduct an updated review of the published scientific literature on the potential impact of abortion on women’s mental health. Does the appointment of this committee signal a possible change in APA policy toward abortion? Very likely, the answer is no.

The sky is falling: Blame the Christians

Mark Morford, columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle, writes that "hordes of easily terrified, mindless fundamentalist evangelical Christian lemmings have been bad for the soul of this country..." Wow, so how do you really feel, Mark? He connects problems in our nation's education system with Christian lemmings in his most recent column. In my response, I note that those "lemmings" may lead us out of the morass.

Sexually Transmitted Depression – The New STD?

Nearly every discussion about sexual education focuses on preventing sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy. However, recent research published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine finds that, especially for girls, the discussion needs to include a third negative possibility: depression.

Review of the study: Brain response to putative pheromones in homosexual men

This research review examines the new study demonstrating responses to pheromone based on sexual orientation

Unprotected: How universities can be hazardous to student health

Eat right. Wear seatbelts. Avoid cigarettes. Use sunscreen. Yearly, thousands of college kids hear this wisdom from their university health services and wellness professors. However, it is unlikely that these same students will hear this gem: “Casual sexual liaisons on college campuses are hazardous, especially for young women. Medically and psychologically, it’s wise to wait.”

One campus psychiatrist wants to know why this advice is rare. Read this author interview and review of the new book Unprotected about ideologically driven health care and its negative impact on collage students.

Should Raunchy be the Fourth R?

School is just around corner. Awaiting anxious students are new schedules, new teachers, new challenges and in some school districts, old controversies about what books should be read in school. Wow, where did the summer go?

Protect Yourself

Well I have finally seen it. “Protect Yourself,” the movie, that is. The seven and a half minute condom demonstration video produced by the Montgomery County (MD) Public Schools will be shown to all 10th grade students this Spring. I had heard the film was inappropriate for 10th graders from those who had seen it before me. Now, having seen it myself, I believe the critics of the video are correct. However, in my estimation it is much worse than I had been led to believe. The training film is a taxpayer funded and school produced advertisement for condom use among teens.


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