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From Warren Throckmorton, PhD, Producer, I Do Exist

I Do Exist is a documentary that took a snapshot in time involving 5 people who had reported shifts in sexual orientation. The stories of the people involved were freely offered and reflected their experience at that time. Since then, more changes have taken place. It is not appropriate to see the film as a testament to change of sexual orientation. Rather, the video has a place in the history of the ex-gay movement and may be of interest to those who study that movement.

I am making the video available on a limited basis for those who want to show the video as a documentary and as a work which played a role in the ex-gay movement at that time. Please contact me at warrenthrockmorton@gmail.com for information about how to rent or purchase the video for classroom use or for other educational purposes.

Some have suggested and will no doubt suggest that I or others in I Do Exist misled viewers regarding the potential for sexual orientation change. Any such charges are untrue. I reported the narratives as presented and chronicled what I believed at the time to be an accurate reflection of evidence regarding sexual orientation.

Current research and experience lead me to take a much more cautious view of the potential for changes in sexual attractions. I am persuaded that science may lead us to reexamine our concepts of sexual orientation and we may find that different factors operate differently for different people in the shaping of sexual desire. At this juncture in 2008, the factors leading to the direction of sexual attractions are not known. Furthermore, we may find that some people may be somewhat flexible in their sexual responding and others are likely more fixed. In any event, I believe it is important for me to say that I Do Exist is not a current depiction of what I believe to be accurate about sexual orientation.

At the same time, I also believe religious factors may lead some people to alter their sexual behavior and that such persons should be free pursue alignment with their beliefs and values as they see fit.

For a perspective on I Do Exist from one of the participants, Noe Gutierrez, Jr., please click this link:

Noe Gutierrez, Jr on I Do Exist

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